Ultimate Treehouse: A Race to Build

Ultimate Treehouse is a game of building and strategy for ages 7 and up. Each player starts with a beautiful blank tree mat and builds a treehouse full of fun classics. The first one to have 6 elements in their treehouse wins.

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An Instant Family Classic

"My kids didn't want to stop playing to go to bed"

"We loved it, the grown-ups and kids!"

"It's quite possibily the cutest game I've ever played"

  • Player on Player cards help you and slow down your competition at the same time, win-win!

    Player on Player Cards

    They help you and slow down your opponents at the same time.

  • Materials Cards

    Collect lumber, nails, and other materials to build your components.

  • Helper Cards

    Just like they sound, these cards move you along faster.

Furry Friends

As you add fun elements to your treehouse, it comes to life with help from woodland creatures. Use rope and fabric to make a hammock- and you'll find a bunny napping in it. Ultimate Treehouse will make you feel all warm and fuzzy.